Our double portaloo trailer, is a great addition to your event, by stopping guests going though your house trying to find the loo you can have piece of mind that we have taken care of that. It is ideal for up to 100 people or less. These are not just your standard old portaloos - they are situated on a easy moveable trailer, with stunning kwila steps, handrails, warm led lights recessed into the trailer to light up the way at night and wide angle LED white lights inside, all of this runs off a large battery - no need to plug in. Inside these clean spacious loos is a standard drop tank with a toilet roll dispenser, hand sanitizer, air freshener, sanitary bin in the woman's toilet and a urinal for the men fitted in both. That's the difference.

Single portaloo trailer, just like the double trailer, the single loo comes with all the same great features. It is ideal for up to 50 people or less at any one time. 


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